Betram Müller – Psychotherapist, Düsseldorf, Germany

Betram Müller (Germany)

Bertram Müller Dipl. Psych. works as a Gestalt psychotherapist in Düsseldorf, as Gestalt trainer and Supervisor in European countries, teachings: Psychology for Artist Development at the Folkwang University for Performing Art in Essen, Germany. He has academic degrees in Philosophy, Theology (1973) and clinical Psychology/Psychotherapy (1980).He trained since 1973 in Gestalttherapy with I. Bloomberg, E.& M. Polster; B. Martin; L. Perls and from 1977-1982 with Isadore From. He was the founding Vice-President of the German Ass.mof Gestalt Therapy (DVG); president of the German Otto Rank Ass. (DORG).He was artist director (1979-2013) of the Tanzhaus nrw (DanceHouse Northrhein/ Westfalia). He was honored a.o. with the “Chevalier des Art et des Lettres” France, (1991) and “The German Dance Price/ Deutsche Tanzpreis 2014”.  Publications on: Concepts of the Will by O. Rank & Gestalttherapy, the teachings of I. From; Gestalt diagnostic theory and practice; differential Gestalt methodology in clinical context.

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