Francesco Bottacioli – CV – University of L'Aquila (Italy)

Francesco Bottacioli Curriculum

Pres. On. SIPNEI, Directorate of Psychoneuroend Master, University of L’Aquila
Psychoneuroendocrine immunologist, philosopher of science. Contract Professor, who is responsible for the Psycho-neuroendocrine immunology (PNEI) module in the Integrated Medicine Master’s degree at the University of Siena. He teaches PNEI also in Specialized Psychotherapy Schools of different address and SIMAISS courses, Integrated Medicine School, which he founded and which is the director. Founder and Honorary Chairman of the Italian Society of Psychoneuroendocrine Immunology (SIPNEI), a non-profit scientific association based in Rome, which brings together scholars of various medical specialties (neurologists, psychiatrists, immunologists, endocrinologists and others) and non-medical (psychologists, biologists , Physicists, chemists, philosophers and scholars of complexity), headed by “PneiNews”, the two-month scientific one.
He has been a consultant to the Ministry of Health, Formez, the Umbria Region, the Experimental Center for Health Education at the University of Perugia and other research institutions.
Collaborator of the Institute of the Italian Encyclopaedia “Giovanni Treccani”, for which he wrote essays for Treccani XXI Secolo and rumors for Treccani Medicina and Treccani Brain, Mind and Psyche. He is a member of several scientific societies, including “New York Academy of Sciences” (since 1996) and “Italian Society of Medical Anthropology” (since 1998).
As a writer and professional journalist (since 1984), he has been working intensively with various headlines, including the “Health” insert of the newspaper “La Repubblica” since its foundation.
He has published many books, some of which are translated into other languages, including: Philosophy for Medicine. Medicine for Philosophy: Greece and China in Comparison, Milan 2010. Psychoneuroendocrine Immunology, Milan 1995, 2005 (This text is adopted in the teachings of the Faculties of Psychology in Padua and Aquila); The Immune System The Balance of Life, Milan 2002, 2008; In collaboration with A. Carosella Meditation, Psyche and Brain, Milan 2003, Mind Enquieta. Stress, anxiety and depression, II ed. Milano 2011. He has collaborated with several collective volumes in philosophical, medical and psychological fields, among the most recent ones: Foundations of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, by L. Sotte, Ambrosiana, Milan 2006; Clinical Psychology of Interaction and Psychotherapy, edited by A. Salvini, Giunti editore, Firenze 2011; Health Psychology and Chronic Illness, edited by D. Lazzari, Pacini editore, Pisa 2011.

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