Rafael Salgado – Gestalt Supervisor

I study Psychology in the Catholic University of Valparaiso, in Chili. Then Imade a post degree on Clinical practice and theory for Couples. In the same University. Theni work with disabilities in a very important Institute in Valparaiso (Teleton) with asperger and other disease/ disorder (Autism). After that I took a Magister in Theory and clinical practice on Gestalt Therapy. In the Institute of Gestalt Santiago, of Adriana Schnake and Marina Varas- Antonio Martinez. After that I work in a Psychiatric Hospital in Castro, Chiloé. And then after a few years I took the Supervisor Training in the HCC Italy with Margherita Spagnuolo . Right now I’m doing an International raining in Chili in Psychopathology and Development from a field Perspective, with Margherita  Spagnuolo and Carmen Vazquez. My interest are research on meditation and mindfulness on the Therapist and in the patient. Also I like to know and study better the asperger disorder.

Arturo Prat street, s/n, Llau Llao- Castro. Chiloé. Chiloe

[email protected]

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