Santo Di Nuovo – Catania University (Italy)

Santo Di Nuovo – Catania University (Italy)

Santo Di Nuovo was born in Catania (Italy), where he obtained his degree in Philosophy in 1972. He also holds a degree in Psychology (1976) from Padua University. He has been Full Professor since 1990, working at the universities of Palermo and Catania. He has been the Director of the Institute of Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences and the Dean of the School of Education Sciences at Catania University. He is currently head of the School’s Psychology Department. He is also responsible for the university’s Clinical counselling and Career orientation services. From 2005 to 2008, he was Deputy Vice-Chancellor and member of the Organizing Committee of the Free University of Central Sicily in Enna, where he also directed a course in Psychological Sciences and Techniques.

His research focuses on methodological and psychometric aspects in different areas of psychology, such as cognitive, personality (normal and pathological), legal, clinical and rehabilitation psychology. A member of the Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR), he has coordinated national projects on psychotherapy evaluation, with particular reference to assessment techniques and data analysis. In the framework of this research, he translated R. Elliot’s Change Interview, adapting it to the Italian context. He has carried out research work on cognitive neuroscience in collaboration with the Centre for Robotics and Neural Systems, University of Plymouth (UK), and other research institutions in Italy and abroad.

He serves on Scientific Committees and Advisory Boards for numerous journals, and is Editor of several psychology book series in Italy. He is also a member of numerous research centres across Italy.

Since 1974 he has produced over 300 publications, including 30 books. Forty of his articles were published internationally.

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