Sergio La Rosa – Psychoanalist, psychotherapist, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sergio La Rosa was born in Buenos Aires and trained as a psychoanalist at the Third Viennese School of Psychoterapy.

He approached Gestalt psychoterapy in 1998 when he trained with Joseph Zinker and Ruth Wolfert and has been collaborating as a senior trainer since 1998 with Istituto di Gestalt HCC.

He is a supervisor at the Emergency Psychology Department at the University Hospital in Sassari and collaborates as international trainer with the Gestalt Institute of Psychotherapy of Calgari, Institute SinapSi and with the Gestalt School of Turin.

Currently he practices as a psychotherapist in Buenos Aires, Milan, Venice, New York, Siracuse and Palermo.

Dr. La Rosa directs the George Oshawa Foundation for the support of scientific initiatives.

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