The fourth edition of the program: Gestalt Therapy Approach to Psychopathology and Contemporary Disturbances – Two Year International Training Program

took place in Siracuse on March 14-18, 2018

Here are a few pics of the group event!


Chiesa-a-Siracusa-Duomo numeri_utili_di_siracusa

The experience of this training program has been extremely rich both in theoretical and human dialogues. The effects are many: a different way to look at clients’s suffering and most of all a supporting net of colleagues all over the world.

The next edition will start in November 2018, in Rome.
In 2019 a new more expanded edition will start (click here for more information) with excellent international trainers and more specific topics related to clinical practice.
From reports of participants, these programs make them discover the deep efficacy of GT, and the beauty of practicing it in a group setting.
GT can say something new and deeply useful to contemporary clinical sufferings!