Gestalt Supervisors in Siracuse!

The first seminar of the second edition of the Gestalt Supervisors Program took place in Siracuse, in a beautiful environment, full of ancient historical sites and clean waters where to swim!

The seminar, led by Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, has been focused on aesthetic and field perspective in Gestalt therapy supervision and intervision.
Twenty Gestalt psychotherapists from sixteen countries have experimented being supervisors with two main supports: a clear and well structured theory to look at supervision from a Gestalt therapy perspective, and a deep emotional participation in the situation of supervision.
The group has in this way experienced first of all their mutual support and the possibility to come out with a special strength that doesn’t deny weakness, and second the richness of their differences and creativity, which can allow them to be an energetic and productive team.
With a lot of respect and esteem for this courageous and professional group, I wish them a safe trip back home (some of them come from the other side of the globe) and a joyful arrivederci to our next meeting in November.
Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb

The fourth edition of the program: Gestalt Therapy Approach to Psychopathology and Contemporary Disturbances – Two Year International Training Program

took place in Siracuse on March 14-18, 2018

Here are a few pics of the group event!


Chiesa-a-Siracusa-Duomo numeri_utili_di_siracusa

The experience of this training program has been extremely rich both in theoretical and human dialogues. The effects are many: a different way to look at clients’s suffering and most of all a supporting net of colleagues all over the world.

The next edition will start in November 2018, in Rome.
In 2019 a new more expanded edition will start (click here for more information) with excellent international trainers and more specific topics related to clinical practice.
From reports of participants, these programs make them discover the deep efficacy of GT, and the beauty of practicing it in a group setting.
GT can say something new and deeply useful to contemporary clinical sufferings!

Ukraine is a very alive place for Gestalt therapists!

On March 2 and 3, 2018, Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb has led a seminar on borderline experiences for Gestalt psychotherapists belonging to various Institutes from all the country (about 80 participants), and organized by Anna Bichkova, director of the Gestalt Institute of Kiev. The warmth of Ukraines’ and their openness to new ways of understanding and treating this clinical suffering has been a very good ground for this seminar.
On March 4 and 5 Margherita has led  a seminar on working with couples in Gestalt psychotherapy for the Kyiv Gestalt University, directed by Inna Didkovska. This seminar was for a smaller group of expert psychotherapists and trainers (22 participants). The live session with a real couple and the emotions connected with the theme of intimate relationships gave the seminar a special richness, where not only the Gestalt model to work with couples was taught, but also a deep humanity was touched.
Finally, on March 4, in the evening, at the Department for Second Degrees of Kiev University, Margherita gave a lecture on “The Dance Steps between caregivers and child”. Many participants, psychotherapists, teachers and also parents actively participated experimenting the model of Dance Steps with one of their clients or student or child. An invitation to join the research that Margherita’s Institute is doing was welcomed with enthusiasm by some of the participants.

“Human Being And The Processes Of Change – Implications For Gestalt Therapy And Related Disciplines” – Belgrade (Serbia)

Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb has been key note speaker and has delivered a workshop at the Conference organized by the Serbian Association for Gestalt Therapy, in Belgrade

This is the second conference that the Serbian Association organizes, and it has been from September 16 to 18, 2017. Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb has presented a key note speech at the beginning of the second conference day  (Sunday September 17th) titled: Gestalt Therapy in Postmodern Society: From the Need of Aggression to the Need of Rootedness

The main references for her speech being the articles recently published:
Spagnuolo Lobb M. (2016). Psychotherapy in Post Modern Society. Gestalt Today Malta, Vol. 1. N.1, Nov. 2016, pp. 97-113. ISSN 2519-0547
Spagnuolo Lobb M. (2013). From the need for aggression to the need for rootedness: a Gestalt postmodern clinical and social perspective on conflict. British Gestalt Journal, vol. 22, No. 2, 32-39.

She has outlined the clinical needs of present society and suggested appropriate developments in Gestalt therapy practise.
She has also offered a fully booked workshop titled: From Losses of Ego-functions to the “Dance Steps” Between a Therapist and a Client

Participans have experimented – with interest and fun – the new clinical instrument of the “dance steps”, which is useful both for phenomenological and aesthetic observation of therapist and client interaction, and for supervision.

Belgrado Gestalt conference

Belgrado Gestalt conference

The conference was attended by 550 psychotherapists and students, coming from countries of ex-Juogoslavia e from Malta.

It has been a good occasion for some trainers to meet after many years, like in this picture with Jean Marie Robine, Bertram Mueller, Michael Vincent Miller and Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb

We wish Lidjia Pecotic, tireless and generous soul of this event, to continue to support Gestalt therapy in the Balcans and in Malta.

Summer Programme for Gestalt Psychotherapists

The first group of the Summer Programme for Gestalt Psychotherapists, a space and time for yourself and an update on new clinical issues has just finished!

This group experience of Gestalt psychotherapists from many places in the world, in a beautiful location in the ancient city of Siracusa, has been a meaningful, deeply involving experience.
Have a safe trip back, dear Colleagues, with joy and gratitude to the beauty of our sufferings and hopes.

For information and registration to the next Summer Programme for Gestalt Psychotherapists (Siracusa, Italy, July 25-29, 2018) click here