Ukraine is a very alive place for Gestalt therapists!

On March 2 and 3, 2018, Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb has led a seminar on borderline experiences for Gestalt psychotherapists belonging to various Institutes from all the country (about 80 participants), and organized by Anna Bichkova, director of the Gestalt Institute of Kiev. The warmth of Ukraines’ and their openness to new ways of understanding and treating this clinical suffering has been a very good ground for this seminar.

On March 4 and 5 Margherita has led  a seminar on working with couples in Gestalt psychotherapy for the Kyiv Gestalt University, directed by Inna Didkovska. This seminar was for a smaller group of expert psychotherapists and trainers (22 participants). The live session with a real couple and the emotions connected with the theme of intimate relationships gave the seminar a special richness, where not only the Gestalt model to work with couples was taught, but also a deep humanity was touched.
Finally, on March 4, in the evening, at the Department for Second Degrees of Kiev University, Margherita gave a lecture on “The Dance Steps between caregivers and child”. Many participants, psychotherapists, teachers and also parents actively participated experimenting the model of Dance Steps with one of their clients or student or child. An invitation to join the research that Margherita’s Institute is doing was welcomed with enthusiasm by some of the participants.