There are no barriers to our human nature in contact (Coronavirus in Italy)

I’m proud to be Italian, never like in this moment.
Not only images of hospitals and numbers of infected people in our media, but also the rainbow of children who tell us that “everything will be fine” and “together we will make it”.

It’s the fully aesthetic trust in the way children, supported by adults, live this difficult time and are sure to come out of it. This moves me deeply.

The simple and coloured message of children brings us to our unitary nature: emotions and movements can give us the spontaneity of which our nature is capable.
And the other thing I’m proud of is the creative adjustment of Italians, who have started to sing and play on their balconies.

We cannot go out of our homes, to avoid the spreading of the virus, but we can express different creative ways of being in contact, and we organize flash mobs to sing all together.

Like Primo Levi has taught us, there are no barriers to our human nature in contact. And accepting reality we are coping novelties creating new harmonic ways to be together.

There is always a beauty that can be created by a suffering.
by Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb