Dialogues on Psychotherapy at the Time of Coronavirus

International webinar recordings (English-Italian)

Twelve well-known Gestalt psychotherapists talk about their experiences of the pandemic. They suggest different aspects of Gestalt therapy to focus on that might help discover ways for this unprecedented event to be an opportunity for growth. They describe ways to discover new tools as psychotherapists during this time of global trauma.

Webinar speakers

Dan Bloom psychotherapist, supervisor, and clinical trainer in in New York City

Dan Bloom, JD, LCSW is a psychotherapist, supervisor, and clinical trainer in in New York City. He studied with Laura Perls, Isadore From and Richard Kitzler. Dan teaches at the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy, is guest and adjunct faculty at gestalt therapy institutes worldwide and offers online seminars in the theory and practice of contemporary gestalt therapy.

Bernd Bocian psychotherapist (PtG) and Gestalt-therapist (DVG)

Bernd Bocian, Dr. phil. (PHD – TU Berlin), lives in Genoa, Italy and Düsseldorf, Germany. German psychotherapist (PtG) and Gestalt-therapist (DVG). He was also trained in psychoanalytic therapy and Reichian body work and Character Analysis. He is author of various publications on the historical and contemporary relation between Gestalt therapy and psychoanalysis. He has edited the Section “History and Identity” for the Italian journal Quaderni di Gestalt.

Pietro AndreaCavaleri, Psychologist and Philosopist

Pietro Andrea Cavaleri, Psychologist and Philosopher. He has served many years as lead clinical psychologist in the Italian national health service and has taught in several Italian universities. His research focuses on the epistemological and anthropological aspects of clinical work. He has edited Psicoterapia della Gestalt e Neuroscienze (Franco Angeli, 2013) and co-authored Il dono nel tempo della crisi (Raffaello Cortina, 2015). He has also extensively written for the Italian journal Quaderni di Gestalt.

Ruella Frank Center for Somatic Studies, NYC, faculty at Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy

Ruella Frank, Ph.D., is founder and director of the Center for Somatic Studies, NYC, and faculty at Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy and the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy. Ruella also teaches workshops and training programs throughout the United States, Mexico, South America, Canada and Europe. She is author of articles and chapters in various publications, as well as the book Body of Awareness: A Somatic and Developmental Approach to Psychotherapy (2001, GestaltPress, available in five languages).

Eva Gold Gestalt Therapy Training Center - Northwest in Portland, Oregon, USA

Eva Gold, PsyD is founding co-director of Gestalt Therapy Training Center – Northwest in Portland, OR where she developed and is senior faculty for the Buddhist psychology and Gestalt therapy training programs. Co-author of the book Buddhist Psychology and Gestalt Therapy Integrated: Psychotherapy for the 21st Century (now also available in Italian translation) she trains and presents nationally and internationally on the intersection of Buddhist psychology and Gestalt therapy.

Lynne Jacobs Contemporary Psychoanalysis (ICP) in Los Angeles, USA

Lynne Jacobs, Ph.D., Both a gestalt therapist and a psychoanalyst, she is a co-founder of PGI. She is also a training and supervising analyst of the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis (ICP) in Los Angeles. Lynne Jacobs teaches at ICP, and teaches gestalt therapists locally, nationally, and internationally. She has published numerous articles in both realms, and her most recent work is Relational Approaches in Gestalt Therapy (co-edited with Rich Hycner). Lynne Jacobs has a private practice in West Los Angeles.

Miriam Taylor

Miriam Taylor, is a British Gestalt psychotherapist (UKCP registered), supervisor and trainer who has been in private practice since 1995. She was clinical lead of a young peoples’ service and for several years worked in a specialist trauma service. She teaches in the UK and internationally, has been a trainer, Academic Consultant and examiner for Metanoia Institute, London, and is on the Leadership Team of Relational Change. Publications include Trauma Therapy and Clinical Practice: Neuroscience, Gestalt and the Body (2014), and several peer reviewed and invited articles.

Antonio Narzisi Stella Maris Institute Pisa, Italy

Antonio Narzisi, Psychologist, Gestalt Psychotherapist and PhD in Developmental Neurosciences. He works at Stella Maris Scientific Institute (Pisa), his clinical and research interest is in early diagnosis and evidence-based intervention on autism. He is Adjunct Professor in Developmental Psychology at University of Pisa. He published many papers on peer-review journals.

Giuseppe Sampognaro

Giuseppe Sampognaro, works as a psychologist at the Child Neuropsychiatry Unit in Syracuse. In his work he applies creative techniques in clinical psychology; above all, the use of image, music and writing in the therapeutic setting.  He founded the journal Psychopedagogical Experiences. He authored Writing the unspeakable: creative writing in Gestalt psychotherapy (Franco Angeli, 2012). He is a member of the editorial board of the Italian journal Quaderni di Gestalt.

Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb

Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, psychotherapist and researcher, international trainer, Director of the Istituto di Gestalt HCC Italy (Syracuse, Palermo and Milan). In her clinical work, she developed the principles of Gestalt therapy with a hermeneutic way into a field oriented, phenomenological and aesthetic approach. Her book The Now-for-Next in Psychotherapy is available in 8 languages. She received the Lifelong Achievement Award from the Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy – AAGT (Toronto, Canada, August 2018).

Carmen Vazquez Bandin Centro de Terapia y Psicologia -CTP, Madrid, Spain

Carmen Vàzquez Bandìn, founder and director of the Centro de Terapia y Psicologia – CTP in Madrid, Spain. International Gestalt therapy trainer and supervisor. Co-director of the Gestalt therapy publishing company: Los Libros del CTP. Author of books, chapters and articles on Gestalt therapy. Spanish translator of books and articles on Gestalt therapy. Founder of the international conference of Gestalt therapy writers in Spanish (2001). Member of scientific board of some Gestalt journals.

Steve Zahm Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington, USA

Steve Zahm, PhD is founding co-director and senior faculty at Gestalt Therapy Training Center—Northwest in Portland, OR. He recently retired from an adjunct Professor position at Pacific University School of Professional Psychology where he taught Gestalt therapy for many decades. Co-author of the book Buddhist Psychology and Gestalt Therapy Integrated: Psychotherapy for the 21st Century (now also available in Italian translation) he trains and presents nationally and internationally on the intersection of Buddhist psychology and Gestalt therapy.


First day

Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb
Being Gestalt therapists at the time of coronavirus: sensing the experiential ground and dancing with reciprocity

Pietro A. Cavaleri
The evolution of Gestalt therapy anthropology in the pandemic emergency

Bernd Bocian
Creative adjustment between over-excitement and repression

Dan Bloom
Intentionality of Contact – weaving the relational fabric

Lynne Jacobs
Hope, Dread and Dignity

Stephen Zahm and Eva Gold
Buddhist Psychology Informed Gestalt Therapy for Challenging Times

Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb
Questions and answers and closure of the day

Second day

Giuseppe Sampognaro
The aesthetics of language in Gestalt therapy

Carmen Vazquez Bandin
For whom the bell doesn’t ring: the denied mourning of pandemic times

Antonio Narzisi
Autism and Coronavirus (COVID-19): issues and chances

Miriam Taylor
Collective Trauma and The Relational Field

Ruella Frank
Developing The Sense of Presence Online

Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb and all speakers
Closure of the seminar


English and Italian (with translation).


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